The Hope & Healing Network is an opportunity for you to give hope to people facing a tough diagnosis or need a specific medical intervention. As a supporter, you will have your own personal fundraising page to share with others, send emails to get others involved, and track your progress.

Our 5-step easy guide to fundraise for groundbreaking research and patient care:

1. Pick the fundraiser that is right for you. DIY fundraising allows you to combine your passion for raising money for research or patient care with your interests. Below are excellent options to start your fundraising journey:

Host an Event
Want friends and family to come together to host a fundraiser for UChicago Medicine? Organize a golf outing, bake sale, sports event, or happy hour!

Honor an Individual
Do you have a nurse or doctor at UChicago Medicine that provided excellent care to you or a family member? Or do you know a family member or friend seeking treatment at UChicago Medicine? Honor your special person through a fundraiser!

Donate your Birthday
Happy Birthday! Throwing a birthday fundraiser is a perfect way to honor your special day by asking friends and family to help make a difference by supporting innovative research.

Plan a Virtual Fundraiser
UChicago Medicine treats many patients and families hailing from all over Illinois, the nation, and even around the world. If you are looking to gather your friends and family around the globe, a virtual fundraiser is a great start!

Create a Memorial Page
Paying tribute to a loved one is a deeply inspiring way to give back to UChicago Medicine.

Celebrate a Life Event
Celebrating a wonderful milestone—like a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, graduation, anniversary, or retirement — by asking relatives and friends to make a gift to hospital is an amazing way to make an impact to help us stay on the forefront of medicine.

2. Create your fundraiser page and set a fundraising goal! Don’t forget to tell your story of why you are fundraising. Your family and friends will want to hear why you are passionate about UChicago Medicine!

3. Share your fundraising page in emails and social media posts! And, don't forget to tag @UChicagoMed on Facebook and @UChicagoMed on Twitter.

4. Ask, ask, and ask! Don’t be afraid to ask for donations from family and friends. Pro tip: Don’t forget to send thank you notes to family and friends. You can even send thank you notes through the platform!

5. Have fun! Remember that you are fundraising for groundbreaking research and patient care at UChicago Medicine.