RBC Race for the Kids at Comer Children's

Scarlett Strong

In September of 2016, our then 17-month old daughter, Scarlett, was diagnosed with stage IV high risk neuroblastoma. We had never heard of this disease before a doctor told us that she had it. We now know that it is the second most common form of pediatric cancer. Her treatment to beat this terrible disease was extensive, grueling, heart wrenching and long. Scarlett endured seven rounds of chemotherapy, three surgeries, a stem cell transplant, radiation, and immunotherapy. All of these forms of treatment got Scarlett to where we prayed she would be, remission. She is now a thriving three and half year old who lights up our hearts and lives every day. Words cannot do justice to describe the gratitude that we feel regarding Scarlett's medical status and every single day of her life.

Scarlett is an incredibly strong fighter, and her tenacity and strength were a huge part of what got her and us through this. But incredible strength alone cannot beat cancer. We know that if people before us had not given of their time and money, Scarlett would not have had the treatment options that were available to her, and that, along with her doctors, saved her life. Scarlett's team of oncologists, nurses, and the entire staff at Comer got us through this treatment. Some days were tolerable and some were extremely dark. Comer Chlidren's Hospital is truly a wonderful place made up of incredible people, who somehow, through all of this darkness, made us grateful every day.

This October, our family is participating in the RBC Race for the Kids at Comer Children's. If you'd like to walk with our team, we would love to have you there with us! If you'd like to make a donation, we would be so very grateful for that. Your gift will make a difference in the lives of kids at the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital by providing their physician-scientists with the resources to conduct truly groundbreaking research. Last year one of Scarlett's transplant doctors received a third of all money raised through the Comer Race for the Kids to apply to his research to help kids in the future with Scarlett's same diagnosis.  You can give hope and a promise of a better future to children at Comer Children's and throughout the world. Gifts of any size will help us reach our team fundraising goal, and your support would mean a lot to our family.

Thank you so much!

Learn more about Comer Children's by visiting https://www.uchicagokidshospital.org/.

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